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Some detours like an invitation
to wander around,
to take some time,
detours to be hopeful,
to get surprise, to get lost,
detours for friendships or flowers,
detours just for love or for nothing, 
for everything,
some detours to reset, always.

While her Maison is celebrating its tenth anniversary, the designer Laure de Sagazan chooses to make a detour. A detour to take some time and reset. A detour by kidswear.

Willing to accompany her brides once their white dress is worn, and be part of other happy moments of their life... the idea of expanding Laure de Sagazan’s atmosphere towards kidswear was soon on track.

Retro infused pieces with a strong DNA, as Laure de Sagazan pieces have always been, Detours styles, some unisex, are designed to be part of bigger celebrations as well as daily ones. High-end pieces crafted in natural fabrics, always,  with a focus on durability, and produced in small workshops.

One of Detours’ foremost priorities is to be committed: small batches of production, pre-orders, upcycled materials, and also thinking from the beginning to the full product life: Detours will be committed to repurchase its pieces from its first clients once they are done using them.

The pieces will be reconditioned and repaired in Laure de Sagazan’s ateliers and showcased on Detours’ second-hand platform with discounted prices.

Free delivery from 100€ of purchases
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